Railroad development in america essay

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Essay: Industrialization American Changes Between 1865-1920

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The Impact of the Transcontinental Railroad on post-Civil War America NEH Lesson Plan for TCRR July Submitted by Thomas Haim Development of the West in the late 19thCentury students will write a DBQ essay in response to the guiding question.


If you ever wanted to know more about history of the rail transport, then here is the perfect place to find out from where came the inspiration for modern trains, early days of steam engine, spreading of train networks around the world, creation of first subways and much, much more.

Courtesy of the Bruce C. Cooper Collection. Also see the data on the number of miles of railroad track laid in the US from - (3) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) conducts research in the area of safety.

How did the railroad expansion affect the US economy?

Bur of Transportation Statistics (BTS) is the America’s primary repository of data on all aspects of mobility, and in cooperation with the US Census Bureau, BTS is conducts a Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) every five years. The development of railroads was one of the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution.

With their formation, construction and operation, they brought profound social, economic and political change to a country only 50 years old.

Railroad development in america essay
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Bibliography : Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project