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Published: Mon, 5 Dec In life, masks are used for a wide range of different things, whether it’s for a theatre production, to complete a Halloween costume for.

Noh (能, Nō), derived from the Sino-Japanese word for "skill" or "talent", is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century.

Developed by Kan'ami and his son Zeami, it is the oldest major theatre art that is still regularly performed today.

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Traditionally, a Noh program includes five Noh plays with comedic kyōgen plays in between; an. Masks are used almost in every African tribe.

These masks are used for different purposes related to religion, politics and culture. They are used in ceremonies like weddings and funerals, initiation ceremonies, honor, politics and witchcraft.

In Burkina Faso there is a tribe called Nuna, their 3/5(5).

Margaret Bourke-White's photo essay introduced many Americans to apartheid. But the essay was edited to tell only part of the story.

The most conspicuous Minimalist esthetic in Star Trek is the color and use of colored light. But something more subtle is almost as important, and that is the sound. Star Trek has a noticeable style not just in the visual appearance but in the auditory appearance, as well — the sound of it.

On one hand, there is a sort of Wagnerian musical scoring — sometimes appropriate, sometimes sonic.

Masks essay
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