Impact of tourism seasonality on hrm in hotels tourism essay

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Seasonal Employment In Tourism Sector: The Example Of Turkey

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Advantages of tourism (Essay 2)

For example, wellness hotels are related to health tourism, casino hotels are related to gambling tourism, eco hotels are related to eco-tourism, golf and ski hotels. Positive impact of tourism: Foreign exchange: Tourists arriving in a country bring in valuable foreign exchange because they spend money on accommodation and is a boon for the local economy providing employment to a large number of people as they offer services ranging from transportation to hotels.

Seasonality is a key aspect for the performance of the majority of tourism enterprises and a central theme for policy makers. The usual practice of strategy formulation in this area, whilst often involving a sound analysis of objective performance data, largely ignores the perceptions which the businesses concerned have of the seasonality issue.

Seasonality in tourism has a profound impact on the management of human resources in organizations operating in a seasonal context. Tourism employment in Canada is profiled and its seasonality examined in Atlantic Canada, where.

Seasonality in tourism represents a key topic in academic literature. Since the first study of BarOn () about tourism seasonality, this topic is still currently being tackled over decades by several authors, as well as by policy makers of the tourism sector.

Especially when the tourism growth is positive, the number of tourism related jobs increases. For example, travel agents, tour guides and hotel staff. Also, job opportunities in indirectly linked industries whenever tourists travel and consume goods are also created.

Impact of tourism seasonality on hrm in hotels tourism essay
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