An argument against the literary censorship in secondary schools

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Censorship and Literature

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Book bannings on the rise in US schools, says anti-censorship group

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Censorship and the First Amendment in Schools: A Resource Guide

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Including censorship issues in a secondary school English curriculum is another strategy for bringing critical questions about students’ right to read into the classroom in a proactive way.

For example, experienced teachers in New York created an Annual Book. Background, overview and recap articles: Get Your Kids Out of Government Schools, Right Now, situation in government schools is.

Chapter Part II. Core Issues for All Schools to Consider

An anti-censorship group in America has reported a flurry of attempted book bannings in the last quarter of the year and has said there are increasing numbers of books being taken off school. In the United States, censorship more often involves social issues, and in school is commonly directed at so-called “controversial” materials.

Advocates for censorship often target materials that discuss sexuality, religion, race and ethnicity–whether directly or indirectly.

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An argument against the literary censorship in secondary schools
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