An argument against arming teachers to stop school shootings

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Can Arming Teachers Prevent School Shootings?

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Arming Teachers To Protect Against School Shootings

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ARM TEACHERS? THE FACTS ARGUE AGAINST IT Recent school shootings have prompted renewed debate regarding the idea of arming teachers or other school personnel to fend off attacks by armed intruders or even students.

Similar arguments were put Colorado. The arguments against arming teachers are multiple. The. The school did have an armed school resource officer assigned to protect students, but he reportedly took a defensive position outside the school and did not enter the building during the shooting.

California school shooting a potent argument against arming teachers. Commentary March 19, Louis Freedberg Alexander, can result in accidents. There is a good chance that incidents will happen far more frequently than a mass shooting on a school campus — an extremely would be in a position to stop an assassin with an.

If arming teachers against mass shootings is a good idea, should we also equip children with guns in case an armed teacher loses control? Do high school teachers matchmake their students? What gives a school shooter a motive to kill people?

Recent school shootings have prompted renewed debate regarding the idea of arming teachers or other school personnel to fend off attacks by armed intruders or even students.

Similar arguments were put forward by the gun lobby following the massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The arguments against arming teachers are multiple. The gun, by definition, would potentially be .

An argument against arming teachers to stop school shootings
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