An analysis of teaching creationism in public schools

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A study guide to accompany Creationism, the church, and the public school, by Verlyn L. Barker

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Cans and Can'ts of Teaching Evolution

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Teaching creationism in US schools

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Teaching Creationism in Schools

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A Map of Thousands of Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism With Taxpayer Money

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The law allows public school teachers to teach alternatives to mainstream scientific theories such as evolution and global warming.

Inthe Dover Area School Board in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, adopted a policy that required high school students to be informed of creationism. Eleven parents sued. A judge subsequently ruled (PDF) that teaching creationism was unconstitutional.

Nov 08,  · Scopes, public school teacher John Scopes is convicted of teaching evolution in violation of Tennessee’s ban on the practice; Scopes’ conviction is later. A school bus collects students at Dover Area High School in ; the Pennsylvania town’s school system was a focus of a court ruling that teaching “intelligent design” as a scientific concept was unconstitutional.

The teaching of creationism in high school biology courses is important, because students who are taught evolution in high school are significantly more likely to accept evolution and its. For decades, there has been an ongoing debate in the United States regarding how public schools can best teach about the origins and development of human beings.

Teaching scientific theories on this topic without challenging the religious beliefs of many Americans is no simple task. Recently, this debate has intensified in various states and .

An analysis of teaching creationism in public schools
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Creationism and Religion in Public Schools - NSB